Aurlandsfjord in May

About Us

About Us

Njord is a soft adventure tourism center, based in Flåm, Norway. We are a team of outdoor enthusiasts, offering kayaking and hiking tours in the dramatic fjord landscape of Western Norway. We bring you on the waters and to the mountains of Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord, guide you through the history of the area, and take care of your safety and comfort throughout the whole journey. We specialize in:

  • Half-day guided kayaking tours: 3 hours of paddling in the Aurlandsfjord.
  • Multi-day guided kayaking tours: 2-3 days of paddling, wild camping, and hiking in Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord.
  • Guided hiking tours: cultural wanderings to Brekkefossen and hikes to Prest.
  • Teambuilding activities: active games on land and water for smaller and bigger groups.
  • Gear rental for self-guided kayak tours: SUPs, double and single kayaks, and camping gear for you to venture off on your own.
  • Tailored private tours: You dream, we plan! Contact us.

Old good days

1999: Eivind Nordeide started Njord as a kayak only company. The first base of the company was in the village of Askvoll in the county of Sogn og Fjordane. In the early days, Njord was fuelled by youthful enthusiasm and a genuine wish to provide kayaking experiences to young people, giving young people of the area experiences that would make them appreciate nature and the environment. This was done in close cooperation with the municipal authority. In many ways, this enthusiasm still fuels us that are involved with Njord. 

2000: Eivind got a scholarship from the municipality of Askvoll, this was spent on a kayak instructors course in Anglesey, Wales, if you meet him then ask him to tell the story! Njord became the supplier of outdoor services in several international youth exchanges and training courses. Later on, we expanded into kayak courses and tourism. The company was divided into Njord sea kayak Courses and Njord Fjord paddle . Njord sea kayak Course division was based in Askvoll.

2003: Njord Fjord paddle division became a reality. A small base was established in Flåm, the aim was to offer kayaking to the cruise ships and tourists that came to the area. We have developed the operation in Flåm to become a high-quality product and a well-established part of the experiences offered to tourists in the region. There is something magical about kayaking the norwegian fjords.
paddling along looking at the mountains shooting up from the fjord. Is nothing less than Magical.

Ever summer summer we get to bring excited visitors to kayaking norwegian fjords. we are so lucky that right on our doorstep we got one out of only two UNESCO listed Fjords in Norway.
Nærøyfjorden. also worth mentioning Flåm, where we are located is super accessible from both Bergen and Oslo. Making the opportunity to kayak Fjord Norway with us super convenient and easy.

Happily ever after - providing first class experience kayaking in Norway.

This is how we became today’s Njord with a 5-star rating on TripAdvisor! Check the reviews out:


The name of the company

Many evenings and nights were spent considering the name of the company, in the early days it was called “Aktiv Askvoll”. However, we needed a name that referred to our dramatic nature and surroundings. Hence, after a long period of contemplation the name Njord was chosen. This is the name of the old Norse god of the sea, wind, fire, and storms, we felt that it was suitable for us!

Come and kayak the fjords with us at Njord